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Lucent Talking embodies Gillian Hall's passion for mediating, training and mentoring. She has facilitated many discussions including government policy consultations to neighbour disputes.

No wonder these skills & experience are so highly respected in Brighton, Hove, Eastbourne & around the UK

With involvement in numerous commercial & community mediations, Gillian is known for her distinctly calm approach. “There’s nothing more rewarding than enabling people in strife to find solutions to difficult problems & observe their relief to move away from conflict”.

Gillian also has useful knowledge & experience of leading organisations through major turnarounds & implementing growth plans – invaluable in understanding the need to iron out differences with considered strategic decision making.

Over the years, Gillian’s facilitation style has enmeshed with influences particularly with Marshall Rosenberg’s Non Violent Communication techniques & an admiration for Harrison Owen’s Open Space Technology concept.

It is important you know…

Clients’ trust in a mediator’s methodology & approach is paramount.  

“I protect my professional integrity by adhering to the principles of neutrality & confidentiality, underpinned by observing the European Code of Conduct for Mediators at all times”.

European Code of Conduct for Mediators

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Tap into Gillian's wealth of experience facilitating discussions and training others to resolve disputes.

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Communication with Lucent Talking is confidential.

This website informs readers about the services that are provided by Lucent Talking. It also reflects  Gillian Hall’s vast experience of alternative dispute resolution, enabling people in lots of different circumstances to resolve disagreements.   
It is not legal advice.  

This website has been constructed with great care and is a unique company reflecting the work of Gillian Hall and the type of services that are valued highly by its clients.Please don’t replicate any part of this website –  If you do, action will be taken.

Lucent Talking is based entirely around being trusted to be neutral and confidential about its work at all times. Hence no client list or reference ever to a particular piece of work that could identify an individual or company that are or were clients. No personal information or contact details are shared with a third party for marketing purposes.
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